The Screamery on Houghton Rd menu options

Ice cream Nachos
Waffle chips drizzled with hot fudge and topped with a single scoop of your flavor choice


Scream Sundae
Single scoop plus additional cookie, brownie, or buttercake option for bottom and choice of toppings


Ice Cream Float
Your choice of a single scoop ice cream mixed with your choice of 12oz bottled soda


6 sample size scoops made for you to enjoy a variety of our flavors. Perfect for 1 to 2 people!


8 scoops with cookie, brownie and buttercake on the bottom with choice of toppings. Meant to be shared!


Hot Fudge, Caramel, Butterscotch


Extra Toppings
Wet Walnuts, Peanuts, Sprinkles

+ $0.50ea

Hand-made Waffle

+ $1.00    
+ $0.50    

Regular Milkshake blended with choice of ice cream and 4 oz of whole milk


Other Drinks
Bottled Soft Drinks
Featuring Cheerwine, Dang Root Beer, Boylan's Creme Soda, Boylan's Cane Cola and 7-Up


Bottled Water


Buttercake, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Brownie